Coventry & North Warwickshire run both Squash and Racketball teams in the Summer and Winter Warwickshire leagues, and all the teams would like to have your support. Home matches are usually played on Monday (squash) Tuesday (squash) and Wednesday (Racketball) evenings.

We have 4 Squash Men’s Teams in the winter league (2 Teams in the summer league). This is under review due to the impact of the COVID-19 on squash events.

We have 1 Racketball Team.

The full fixture list and results are available through the link below.


Unfortunately all team competitions are currently suspended due to COVID restrictions

We hope to see this resumed in 2021 and will keep you informed.

For the 2019 / 20 seasons CNW had the following Teams


Winter League

Squash Team 1 - Division - Contact Mo Sarwar - Division 1. Final position 10th (relegated)

Squash Team 2 - Division - Contact Mo Sarwar - Division 2. Final position 6th

Squash Team 3 - Division - Contact Daljit Nahil - Division 5. Final position 7th

Squash Team 4 - Division - Contact Kevin Burrows - Division 7. Final position 7th

Racketball Team 1 - Division - Contact. Richard Wells - Division 2. Final position 6th


Summer League 2019 

Squash Team 1 - Contact Mo Sarwar - Division 1. Final position 6th

Squash Team2 - Contact Mo Sarwar - Division 3. Final position 7th (relegated)

Racketball Team 1 - Contact. Richard Wells - Division 1. Final position 7th.


Warwickshire League CNW 1st Team Monday 15th October 2012

First up was Dave Amos versus Liam Flood and rapidly Liam went 2-0 up before Dave had any idea where the ball was going. Things then improved, Liam started to make more mistakes and Dave came through 3-2. Brett Green then took on Richard Woodruffe and had a similarly slow start going 2-0 down. Brett then played

Warwickshire League 1st Team Mid. Season Report 2011-2012.

This was my 3rd year as captain for the 1st team and having finished in 3rd place in 2010 and 2nd place in 2011 I was looking to go one further and get C&NW back to their winning ways. Unfortunately what I hadn't take into consideration was how much the other teams had strengthened their line-ups with the additions of Chris Ryder and Chris Trusswell - West Warwks, Jamie Haycock and Richard Birks - Sutton, Chris Tasker - Priory, which is just a selection of the standard we were putting ourselves up against!