Warwickshire League CNW 1st Team Monday 15th October 2012

First up was Dave Amos versus Liam Flood and rapidly Liam went 2-0 up before Dave had any idea where the ball was going. Things then improved, Liam started to make more mistakes and Dave came through 3-2. Brett Green then took on Richard Woodruffe and had a similarly slow start going 2-0 down. Brett then played

Warwickshire League 1st Team Mid. Season Report 2011-2012.

This was my 3rd year as captain for the 1st team and having finished in 3rd place in 2010 and 2nd place in 2011 I was looking to go one further and get C&NW back to their winning ways. Unfortunately what I hadn't take into consideration was how much the other teams had strengthened their line-ups with the additions of Chris Ryder and Chris Trusswell - West Warwks, Jamie Haycock and Richard Birks - Sutton, Chris Tasker - Priory, which is just a selection of the standard we were putting ourselves up against!

Last season produced mixed fortunes for all our squash teams. This was one of a very few seasons when none of our teams won any glory but did end the season with some excitement.