Junior Squash Coaching is Back..... starting at 10am every Saturday.. please contact Mo to sign-up (all standards welcome)

Internal Ladders are back for racketball and squash and run every month (all standards welcome). Sign-up sheets are at the club opposite court 4.

Squash league games are back for both Winter and Summer leagues please let us know if you want to play

Plus.... we are trying to do a quiz and curry night every quarter.. look out for posters in the club and in the newslatters.

Unfortunately there are no club nights at present but we hope to get them up and runnng soon.

Internal Ladders are a great way to play some squash & racketball games whilst meeting fellow club members or a similar standard.

Missed the ladders this time…. No problem. Register your interest in the table below (or by contacting email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or txt 07957408783) and you will be added to the next available ladder

28th Feb 2021.

I am pleased to confirm that we had Sky News live at the Sports Club for most of the day today celebrating the fact Britain has passed 20m COVID vaccinations.

Lots of coverage of the Sports Club and we have posted heavily on social media.


I realise that you have a strong presence in Coventry, and care deeply about the
community: with this in mind, I would like to share details of Coventry & North
Warwickshire Sports Club. However, as you may know the club has had to be closed
for the majority of the year, which has a detrimental effect on the club’s finances.
Our sports Club is a high achieving club, with a strong history established in 1851,
and offer a variety of sports Cricket, Tennis, Netball, Bridge, Squash and
Racketball. The Club plays a pivotal role in the community and currently enabling
the roll out of vaccines to the people of Coventry.
The survival of the club is hanging in the balance and with your help, we can ensure
the life of the club for another 170 years. We have started a crowdfunding campaign
which runs from Saturday 1 st May – Saturday 12 th June, with a target of £10,000 to
unlock the match funding from Sport England. This is a huge target, and we
understand we will only be successful with the support of local people, businesses
and our shared community.
Here’s how you can help:
 Could you or someone you know donate a prize? We are looking for
prizes to encourage donations, no matter how big or small. A prize could be a
specific item, a service you can offer or an experience. The prizes can vary in
value and will be matched to the donation amount you feel is appropriate. If
you have a prize that you would like to donate or know of any
company/individual who would like to get involved, please contact
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Social Media. Please can you share the word, follow us on Facebook
@CNWSC and Twitter @CNWSC1851 and share our fundraising content.
Alternatively, please send this letter to your contacts and see who else you
can get involved.
 Support – do you know anyone that may be interested in sponsorship?
The club has sponsorship opportunities available, which is a great way to
leave a lasting impact and build a relationship with the local community. As
stated, we want to ensure this club is still serving the local community way
into the future. Do get in touch if you want to be involved and support the club
to make sure the Ian Bells of the future are also trained here.
We thank you for supporting in anyway you can and please do get in touch with Daljit
if you can join us in helping save Coventry and North Warwickshire Sports Club.