Only full playing members may play in the ladders. Juniors may play, but they must observe the court booking rules concerning use of peak court time booking.

The ladders are grouped according to standards, starting with Premier, then A, B,C and so on. Each division can contain as many as six ladders of five players named P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, A1, A2, A3 and so on following on in decreasing order of playing standard.

Every month, everyone in each ladder should play every other person in their ladder once. They should play the best of five games and record their scores on the ladder sheets. Points are awarded as follows:

• One point for playing the match

• One point for each game won.

• One point for winning the best of five games.

In the event of a match not being completed, the players may elect, by mutual agreement, to play again, either the complete match, the remainder of the game, or a compromise, such as starting at one game all if the first match finished at two all. If there is no time to replay the match, then the point for winning is not awarded. In the event of one player being unable to play after a game has been arranged, the other player may claim a ‘walkover’ resulting in a 3-0 points score to be shown in the ladder sheets.

At the end of each month, the ladder organiser will add up all of the scores and rank the players in each ladder. Typically, the winner goes up two ladders, the second placed goes up one ladder, the third stays in the same position, the fourth goes down one and the fifth goes down two, but with allowing for incoming and outgoing players this can vary.

In the Premier Division, P1, the top three players stay in the same ladder, the fourth goes down to P2 and the fifth goes down to P3. In P2 the top two players go up to P1, the third stays in P2, the, fourth goes down to P3 and the fifth goes down to P4. In P3 and downwards the ranking is the same as in the previous paragraph.

• One point for playing the match.

• One point for each game won.

• One point for winning the best of five games.

Please arrange your fair share of ladder games. Don’t always leave it to other people to ring first.