Squash and Racketball Ladders are run every month and are open to all players of any standard. All members are encouraged to join them as the benefits are:-

• Regular games with players of a similar standard.

• The opportunity to meet more of your fellow members.

• As your game improves, so you can rise in the ladders and get a better standard of play.

The Squash ladders are organised by Kevin Burrows and the rules for playing in them can be found here.

To join the the ladders , just write your name on the ladders sheets during the course of one month, asking to be included for the next month. If you have not played in the ladders before, then have a game with someone in the ladders to get an idea of the division that you should be playing and get them to write this against your note on the sheets.

When you have been accepted please ensure that your telephone numbers are in the book of squash players phone numbers.

Do try to play all your ladder games each month. If this is going to be a problem for you then you should really consider whether you should be joining the ladders or not. There are no rules concerning who must ring who to arrange the games, but don't leave it too late or you will run out of time.

Finally, please remember that the objectives of the ladder are to increase everyone's enjoyment of the game. Because it is usual to new members joining or leaving the ladders each month, it is not always possible to put everyone up(or down)who should have moved. If you discover that you have gone down unexpectedly,you should check first to see whether you are still higher than the people you beat. If there does seem to be a mistake then please contact the ladder organisers to discuss the matter.