This year the annual xmas team tournament took place on Sun the 27th Dec. The event is named after the late Des Shepherd who was a member of the CNWC Club for many years.

A record 50 people entered the event, which made 10 teams of 5 players each of approximately similar abilities. Mo Sarwar our club professional and Director of Sports) usually places players in to their teams. Each player has to score as many points for their team as they can because it is the total team points that count.

The winning team players this year were Danny O'hara, Ben Palmer, Danny Cullinane, Darshan Kandola and Martin Robinson. In the final their team narrowly beat the team of Dave Amos, James Prendiville, Roy Williams, Georgia Jennings and Max Sharpe by only 3 points.

There is even fierce competition at the bottom end between the two lowest placed teams to avoid getting the wooden spoon which this year went to the team consisting of Brett Green, Bunty Purewal, Jon Parker, Mick Wheatley and Sam Palmer (son of Ben).

A good day was had by all particularly in the bar afterwards and for some during the day as well. Congratulations to everyone that took part in the tournament.

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